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Does my production follows the safety guidelines?

Have you built your own machine or modified an existing one? The employer has responsibilities related to the safety of machines and installations. How do you know if your installation meets the standards?

What are the rules to be followed?

Machines must follows the 2006/42/CE guideline  related to machines safety. In particular, it must have a declaration of conformity (the responsibility of the manufacturer) and an instruction manual (the responsibility of the employer).

Is there simpler documentation than this directive?

Yes, it is possible to find “popularised” information and documents concerning machine safety on SUVA website.

It is also possible to rely on ISO standards relating to machinery, for example:

What should an employer do when buying a new machine to ensure that it meets standards?

  • check that the machinery is supplied by the manufacturer with the declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation in the case of partly completed machinery incorporated into other machinery
  • check that the machine is delivered with instructions or assembly instructions
  • Check the machine for obvious defects before putting it into operation.
  • check that the declaration of conformity or incorporation, as well as the instructions or assembly instructions have been supplied.

What standards must a craftsman or industrialist pay attention to when modifying a machine?

The safety of employees is the responsibility of the employer. Thus, when a machine is modified or moved, he must ensure that the employees who will be working on this installation are safe.

A risk analysis, a safety concept and appropriate measures protect employees from accidents and the employer from the financial and legal risks associated with possible errors.

How can I bring my production into compliance?

– By following our risk management process

– By relying on a competent partner who will help you in this process to realize it for you.

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