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The manufacturer, the owner of the plant, the employer and the employee have rights and duties related to the safety of machinery and plants.

The manufacturer

Deliver a machine that meets the guidelines.
Provide the necessary documentation (Declaration of Conformity, operating instructions, manuals).

The plant owner

To ensure the conformity and maintenance of the correct operation of its machinery throughout its service life.

The employer

Provide its employees with safe equipment.
To ensure the proper operation and use of the production asset throughout its life cycle, from installation to dismantling.

The employee

Correct use of the machine or production tool in accordance with the regulations and the operating manual.
Announce or report any malfunction, dangerous situation observed or damage to the production equipment.

Planning safety when building a new production facility

The installation, operation and disposal of the machines must be carried out in accordance with ordinance 819.14 on machine safety. The employer has responsibilities related to the safety of machinery and installations, here are the main ones:

The purchase or construction of a new machine

You buy a machine on the Swiss market

The person who places the product on the market must submit:

  • the declaration of compliance or incorporation
  • instructions or assembly instructions

The employer must:

  • check the machine for obvious defects before putting it into operation.
  • check that the declaration of conformity or incorporation, as well as the instructions or assembly instructions have been supplied

You import a machine from abroad

The employer must ensure that:

  • the declaration of compliance or incorporation, and
  • the instruction or assembly manual is available, and that
  • the machine has no obvious defects
  • In the absence of the documents mentioned above, it is up to the employer to provide proof of the safety of the machine and to supply the instruction manual.

You build the machine yourself

The employer must:

  • have constructed the machine in accordance with the essential health and safety requirements (according to Annex I of the Machinery Directive)
  • have the risk assessment technical documentation, and the instruction leaflet, and draw up the declaration of conformity

The purchase of second-hand machines

As an employer, you must ensure that when you acquire a second-hand machine, it is given to you together with the following documents:

  • declaration of conformity or other “proof of safety”
  • updated instructions

Sources: SUVApro: How to acquire machines that comply with safety regulations?


Our services

Technical progress and automation are increasingly present in both industrial and artisanal production. The market and the laws (directives) impose an ever higher level of safety, generating advanced technical solutions to satisfy them.
Icube carries out certified analyses that meet the following standards: ISO 12100:2010 and machine guidance 2006/42/CE

Maintaining safety when renovating or upgrading a machine or installation

The extension of an existing machine or installation with a new machine.

In addition to the safety features mentioned when purchasing a new machine, the following conditions must be met when expanding an existing machine or system.

  • Declarations of conformity for each machine must be available.
  • Proof of the safety of the interfaces between the existing and new machine, e.g. by means of a risk assessment according to SN EN ISO 12100.
  • Implement and document safety measures at the interfaces.
  • These measures must meet the essential health and safety requirements of Annex I of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Complete the overall instruction manual accordingly (individual instructions are not sufficient).

The upkeep and maintenance of the machines

According to SUVA, machine maintenance is a major cause of accidents. Every year, more than 10 people lose their lives during maintenance work on machines or industrial plants.

The main risks are related to inadequate work organisation and mechanical hazards.

In addition, machines are becoming increasingly complex and their maintenance and troubleshooting require increased skills that operating personnel often lack.

Both the employer and the workers have legal obligations related to the planning of work and the securing of installations during work.

Calling in specialists is therefore a simple measure that drastically reduces the risk of accidents.

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The evolution of a machine or an installation always requires an upgrading of documents and processes related to safety. In many cases, the installation of specific equipment greatly increases safety.

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Icube is TÜV Nord certified and is a Rockwell partner for process implementation, control and machine safety.

With our maintenance and standby service, we are the ideal partner for the implementation of safety measures, maintenance and repair of your installations.

Preventing accidents

The causes of accidents are mainly human, but also related to missing or inadequate safety devices. Accident prevention requires a good understanding of the situation and the implementation of concrete measures.

Safety planning

After conducting a safety analysis of your facilities, measures such as training, modifications or the addition of additional safety devices must be planned.

A security concept must be developed and an action plan defining the deployment of measures according to prioritization criteria must be drawn up.

Adapting security measures

Moving a machine or relocating industrial plants creates new risks.

The analysis, planning and implementation of preventive measures are therefore essential.

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Better safe than sorry! The common adage is very wise when one is aware of the consequences that can result from a workplace accident.

Restoring safety after an accident

An accident is always dramatic, no matter how small it is, it impacts the health but also the confidence of the individuals involved. Not to mention the economic and legal consequences.

Restoring safety and confidence is therefore essential.

With the right analysis, concept and implementation of corrective measures, safety can be quickly restored to your production facilities.

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Icube takes into account the human situation following an accident. Our staff intervene with empathy and professionalism to restore safety and confidence following an accident.

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