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Customer benefits of the ICUBE solution:

Monitoring of operating values (motors, valves, etc.) to ensure preventive maintenance

Ease of piloting thanks to radio control

120 tonnes - the weight of the turbine to be lifted

A significant increase in site safety

Customer testimonial

ICUBE helped us optimize our systems, bringing a fresh perspective to our design. We particularly appreciated their flexibility and their ability to intervene quickly, deal with unforeseen circumstances and make suggestions.

The time freed up by their solutions has both enabled us to work on a greater number of projects, while easing the stress on our staff. I would recommend ICUBE, which has become an essential partner in improving our machine production.

Pierre Musy
Electrical technician, Stephan SA

Stephan’s business

Stephan SA is a Fribourg-based company specializing in structural steelwork, facades, lifting equipment and mechanical welding.

We work with this company on a regular basis, and in particular handle the automation and control of their overhead cranes. We participated in their project on the Schaffhausen dam as part of this collaboration.

The project carried out in collaboration with Stephan SA

The Schaffhausen dam is a water regulation dam. In particular, it operates with two 120-ton turbines that have to be extracted from the dam, moved and sent for annual maintenance.

To extract these turbines, an overhead crane must be used, respecting numerous constraints linked to the inertia of the parts to be moved and the physical constraints on the dam.

The installation is also used to carry out maintenance on the sheet piles used to regulate the flow of water and secure the intervention of technicians on site.

Do you have a similar need?

ICUBE carries out projects related to process and machine automation, as well as operator safety, in a wide range of fields.

ICUBE’s solution

To meet this challenge, an overhead crane was specially designed by Stephan, who came to install it on site.
ICUBE took care of developing the control of the crane and the various hoists, while optimizing safety conditions according to the loads to be lifted and the crane’s positions.

. Moving such heavy components requires special care to limit the effects of inertia. Numerous safety controls have been put in place to adapt the speed and amplitude of the crane’s movement to the turbine’s location.

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