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Your digitalized production

Find out how to reduce your costs and optimize your production thanks to our cross-functional solutions in automation, application development and consulting.

Optimize your installations

By using your machines optimally and regularly checking your installation, you improve production efficiency and reduce your maintenance costs.

With our remote maintenance solutions, specialists can, at your request, connect to your plant to provide advice, adjust settings, or diagnose possible malfunctions without having to travel to your site.

Our after-sales service intervenes quickly 7 days a week.

Guarantee the safety of employees

The human being is at the heart of your activities. As an employer or plant owner, you are responsible for providing your employees with safe equipment. Safety is also synonymous with productivity, because an accident at work often means lost time and high costs. In many cases, the installation of suitable equipment greatly increases safety. Icube has the necessary certifications and experience to accompany you towards a safer installation.

Get complete control of your production digitization project

Digitalizing your production and making it smarter requires three main areas of knowledge:
– The control of the production lines
– Expertise in information systems
– Change management

Icube will help you define a product that combines these three concepts and that meets your company’s vision.

Ensure the regularity of the quality of your production

Ensure the regularity of your production by collecting and analyzing its data, then comparing it to data models or alarms. This makes it easier for you to determine what actions you need to take to improve your finished product.

Data traceability is guaranteed without having to store paper. Find your measurements in one click and easily browse your production history.

Increase the availability of your installation

Efficiently plan your maintenance on a recurring basis, taking into account the availability of your employees. Based on the analysis of a large volume of data, artificial intelligence programs can perform predictive diagnostics, allowing you to keep your installation operational.

Improve your processes

Define your production processes (production follow-up, purchase requisition…) in a flexible way. You will optimize the execution of these processes by assigning tasks to the right actors (people and machines) at the right time.

Softwares dedicated to your production

With EVA, monitor and analyze your production

Plan your care and maintenance


Stephan SA

Icube helped us to optimise our systems by bringing a fresh look at our design. We particularly appreciated their flexibility and their ability to intervene quickly, manage the unforeseen and be proactive.
The time freed up thanks to their solutions has allowed us to work on a greater number of projects while at the same time relieving the stress of our employees. I recommend Icube, which has become an essential partner in improving the production of our machines.

Pierre Musy

Icube and the production digitalization

Solutions for all

We currently accompany both self-employed craftsmen and multinationals. Indeed, our ability to adapt and customize, as well as the versatility of our solutions allow us to respond to problems from the most elementary to the most complex. Our proximity to our clients and our ability to provide advices make our difference.

From the workshop to the manager’s office

Your production data must first be captured from the machine, then standardized, aggregated, analyzed and finally returned as a production indicator, or linked to other data in your information system. Icube can help you through all these stages: from sensor installation, integration of programmable logic controllers, data evaluation and output, to integration with external systems. You thus benefit from a single point of contact for the entire chain, from the workshop to the manager’s office.

A common road to industry 4.0

Moving from a completely manual job to a smart factory is not done in a day. You have probably already started this route and are enjoying the benefits of automation or digitalisation. At any time, we can join you on this journey to help you better define your objectives, implement the best technologies, and finally ensure optimized and secure production.