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Collect, value and monitor your production data

Thanks to our production monitoring application, optimize and control your installation as closely as possible.

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Compatible with all your business intelligence tools.

Guarantee traceability


EVA allows you to automatically collect your production data. It is also possible to collect the data manually from your control panel or from our production monitoring application. Good traceability also means recording which operator worked when and on which machine. This is possible thanks to the registration of stamps and badges in EVA. There is no room for input errors or oversights. The traceability of the data is guaranteed without having to store paper. Find your measurements in one click, and easily browse through your production history. EVA can be connected to all types of machines, applications, automats…

Increase your productivity (OEE)


The measurement of the OEE (Overal Equipment Effectiveness) is a key indicator to quantify the performance of your production.

Our EVA application allows you to collect and analyze your production data in detail and over time:

  • Cycle times
  • Parts count
  • Machine operating time
  • Qualification of machine stoppages (settings, waiting for materials, …)

EVA allows you to produce daily reports on the performance of your production and can be connected with your own analysis tools (Power BI, Excel, ERP, …)

You will be able to analyze these indicators to know the performance of your teams and your machines and make informed decisions.


Ensure efficient maintenance


Planning, anticipating and reducing the maintenance of your production tool increases your margins.

Active monitoring of your machines coupled with SMS notifications in case of anomalies increases the reactivity of your maintenance teams (MTTR improvement)

The collection of machine usage times allows you to easily plan the next maintenance and thus reduce your production downtime (MTBF improvement)

Based on the analysis of large volumes of data, artificial intelligence programs can perform predictive diagnostics, allowing you to optimize maintenance to keep your facility operational.


Reduce your energy consumption

Up to 50% of compressed air production is lost through leaks. In a medium-sized company, thousands of francs are lost in this way. Source : suisseenergie.ch

EVA has connectors for measuring electrical consumption, gas consumption and compressed air leaks.

These measures will enable you to optimize your consumption and
reduce your costs while protecting the environment.

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Collect, analyze and deduce corrective actions to increase your production.

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Not convinced yet? Discover the strengths of EVA

Acquisition and compression of PLC, building, sensor and IoT data

More than 20 types of connectors to cover machine and sensor communication standards

Graphical representation of data evolution over time

Definition of alarms and notification rules (email, sms, …)

Ultra flexible event triggering mechanism

Visualization of synoptic of your machines/sensors park

Data annotation
Connections and analysis by external software (ERP, predictive maintenance algorithms, …)

Enriched data management (images, files)



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Support by experts for the best choice of IoT and BI architecture

Turnkey implementation and installation of the system on site by our automation technicians

Personalized training

Possibility of hardware redundancy for critical applications

Data archiving for traceability purposes

Management of roles and access rights

Compatible with PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Data export

Multi-language support

7 days a week support

Customization and custom developments

Pure Cloud architecture (hosted in Switzerland or in Europe) or On-Premise (on your servers)

You remain the owner of your data. We are compliant with the RGPD (GDPR) legislation

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Collect, analyze and derive corrective actions to increase your production.

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