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Customer benefits of the Icube solution:

Anticipation of 4-month raw materials purchases

20% more fluid production organization

Complete lifecycle management for stainless steel drums

The Pleine Lune brewery business

La brasserie de la Pleine Lune is a French craft brewery producing a wide range of beers in a variety of styles (Lager, IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Saison barriquée…). The brewery is a major player on the French brewing scene and today is well automated with well-honed production processes.

The brewery features organic, often local and always highly original products.

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The brewery’s needs

As the brewery’s production tracking was mainly based on Excel files, management wanted to equip itself with business production tracking software enabling it to:

  • Improve inventory management, with a focus on transforming raw materials into finished products
  • Streamline production organization with better tracking of production and maintenance tasks
  • Ensure perfect traceability of its products
  • Optimize the life cycle of its stainless steel kegs, from production to the end customer, then back to the brewery.
  • Anticipate purchases based on optimized production planning
  • Perform business analyses using software data

The solution implemented by Icube

The Fabricube solution edited by Icube was implemented at the brewery in compliance with an Agile methodology with regular feature additions, focusing on the value provided for the customer.

First of all, the recipes were digitized, so that all the quality controls required for beer production could be tracked as closely as possible, and tasks could be divided between operators to ensure better monitoring of the brews.

These recipes were then integrated into a digitized schedule to ensure steady progress in line with future customer orders.

Stock management was then quickly integrated into the brew sheets to accurately count ingredients, add finished products with their batch numbers and keep stock always up to date.

Based on planned brews as well as available stock, a report proposing the quantities of raw materials to be ordered by purchasing was developed to be able to group orders and ensure material availability.

To ensure continuity of production processes with company management, Fabricube was then integrated with Odoo management software, which manages orders, invoices, deliveries…

Finally, the stainless steel keg management module was implemented and integrated with Odoo to support the entire life cycle of the keg from filling, customer drop-off, collection and return to the brewery. Each keg is tracked and can no longer go astray.

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