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Personalised production monitoring adapted to your business

The ultra-flexible application that makes organization easier

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Ensure the quality and traceability of your production


Enter your production values in your own manufacturing data sheets in a simple, industry-optimized way. You can even retrieve this data automatically from your machines!

You retain control over all stored data.

They are cross-referenced in reports to enable you to immediately identify avenues for improvement or alerts (quantities produced, maintenance costs, quality problems…).

This gives you easy access to all the data you need to report to control bodies (your management, customs…). You ensure the traceability of your products and equipment.

Plan your production and automate your maintenance, cleaning and servicing


Equipment to be cleaned regularly, maintenance to be scheduled or a one-off task to be planned? Thanks to Fabricube, all these tasks are easily organised in a digitised schedule, giving you a genuine CMMS.

You’ll also be able to plan your future production several months in advance, with everything integrated into your production sheets and inventory.

Plan your tasks and those of your employees


In your factory, it’s important that everyone knows what they have to do, and that you can monitor which tasks have been completed. With Fabricube, you can easily assign tasks to one or more employees, and each will have his or her own list of actions to perform.

You can even target several tasks at once to save time. Finally, thanks to our reports, you’ll keep an overview of what’s been done or remains to be done over the course of the day, week or month…

Organise your factory in the best possible way with our management modules


Stock management, safety and training monitoring, vacation planning. Fabricube is also a management tool that complements your accounting or ERP applications.

It is available on computer, smartphone and tablet for a complete user experience tailored to your business.

Take advantage of our 30 years of experience in digitalization and automation in industry


For over 30 years, and with more than 1,000 projects completed, we have been helping industrial players to optimize their production. We master the entire chain, from production automation to management decision-making, to provide you with cross-functional, tailor-made solutions.

Our solutions integrate with each other to bring you the greatest coherence, and enable you to concentrate your collaboration with a single partner, available 7/7, 365 days a year.

Optimise your production with ease!

Fabricube adapts to all your needs: complex or basic. Let’s make an appointment.


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Not convinced yet? Discover all the features of Fabricube for :



Monitoring of the manufacturing process

Creation of customised recipes and associated production sheets

Automatic or manual entry of production data in the production sheet as well as all the information necessary for traceability.

Monitoring of products, such as cheeses in the maturing cellar, beers in the cellar and maturation, or any other food

Hosting on Icube or client servers, with the possibility of hosting in Switzerland

Container management; filled product, assignment to customer, QR code or barcode reading…

Possible integration with automated production (bottling line, automatic machines, packaging, fermentation management, etc.)

Implementation of the software to your image with business experts
Support 5 days a week



Planning and scheduling

Production planning
Planning of maintenance, cleaning and servicing
Planning, execution and control of tasks



Production management

Stock management (stocks automatically consumed according to your production)
Management of the customer database
Registration of cleaning product certifications
Follow-up of the control of measuring devices
Management of non-conformities (quality)
Recording of working hours and holiday planning, holiday requests.
Follow-up of safety training at work (equipment audit + electronic signature of each employee)

Our clients and Fabricube – Case studies

Manage, track, plan and optimise your production With Avec Fabricube..

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