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MILKPAY: a fair and fast milk payment

With MILKPAY, you can easily manage the entire milk purchasing process, from receipt to payment to the producer, according to your criteria.

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MILKPAY can interface with all types of milk receivers:
ICUBE RITA, Jansky, Translait, Kollygram, Mettler Toledo, Bizerba Busch, C-Norm + JNJ + and many more…

Benefit from the expertise of a major dairy player


MILKPAY is Switzerland’s number 1 solution for artisanal milk payroll. Our team has over thirty years’ experience in the dairy industry and cheese dairy management.

Ease milk delivery


MILKPAY can interface with all types of milk receiver:

Icube, Jansky, Translait, Kollygram, Mettler Toledo, Bizerba Busch

The Touch input interface also enables cheese dairies without automatic delivery recording systems to easily enter each producer’s deliveries on all types of mobile devices.

Assignment to producers is facilitated by a modern interface that also allows deliveries to be edited, for example to correct a weight or make a producer change.

Ensure a fair and quick milk pay


Our application MILKPAY, is a complete milk purchasing management system including payment calculation based on quality and quantity.
Your producers will be fairly compensated, regardless of your scales and the involved parameters. You will thus save precious time, and improve transparency.

We accompany you throughout the first month of use and for the first pay, then 5 days / 7 by phone.


Grouping of laboratory analyses

MILKPAY automatically collects data for you from most milk analysis laboratories. The storage of this data is thus grouped together to save you time and give you an overall view of milk pay calculations. Supplements and deductions are included, according to your own criteria.

With MILKPAY, focus on the essentials.

A solution that adapts to your scales and products

Whether you produce Gruyère AOP, Raclette, Emmental, or other types of cheese, you can allocate the milk received to these products. Milk quantities for each product are also customizable by producer.

For a better global vision

The history of analyses can be viewed over a whole year. MILKPAY ensures the monitoring of quotas and the visualization of their progress. These are mentioned in the reports as well as in your accounting summary. We then ensure with you the TSM declaration and allow you to make the bank payment of all the payrolls in one single operation. 

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Fabricube allows us to streamline our production organization, by easily distributing manufacturing and maintenance tasks, as well as managing our inventory and cellar storage in the best way possible. We have gained traceability, efficiency and serenity since this digitalization.

Lucas Limacher
Cheesemaker at fromagerie des Landes

The efficiency and simplicity of these new tools immediately won us over, the learning curve was so fast that my staff and apprentices were immediately able to work independently. A real asset for our productivity!

David Castella Fromagerie de Provence

Simplify your dairy production management with MILKPAY. Take control of your milk purchasing process, from receipt to payment to the producer.

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Still not convinced? Discover the strengths of MILKPAY

A consolidated Swiss leader in the field of milk payment
Interfacing with all types of milk reception systems
Easy entry of deliveries for each producer on all types of mobile devices thanks to the Touch interface
Easy correction of deliveries to adjust weight or change of producer
Automatic collection of data from most milk analysis laboratories
Adaptable to your scales and products
Visualization of the analysis history over an entire year
Monitoring of quotas and visualization of their progression
Ease of executing bank payment of all payrolls in a single operation.

The purchasing module allows you to issue invoices to all your customers (major distributors, restaurants etc), including delivery notes. It also allows you to make detailed invoices for producers with the amount directly deducted from the milk pay.

The CalPay module allows you to calculate deductions for all quality analyses.

For example, in the context of Gruyère PDO, deductions take into account the history of milk analysis results for reductase, propionics, acidity and butyrics.

It allows you to display, on the screen of any cheese reception, a quota view to quickly inform producers about their delivery data.

It allows you to generate an electronic payment file to send to your bank for payment to producers. This reduces the risk of data-entry errors and saves you time.

Simplify your dairy production management with MILKPAY. Take control of your milk purchasing process, from receipt to payment to the producer.

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