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How does using EVA make our automation projects easier?

Faster, remote parameter settings

Easier understanding of problems

Identification of "good production" thanks to historical data

The cobblers are not always the worst shod!

At Icube, we carry out over 60 automation projects a year.

The project phases are often identical: specifications, schematics, assembly, programming and commissioning.

It’s during commissioning that we confront what has been developed on our premises with our customers’ reality.

Many adjustments and fine-tuning are required at commissioning time to ensure that the automation process functions correctly in a real-life context.

To make life easier for our engineers during these adjustments, we use our own EVA software product that can record all our customers’ production data.

Part of the automation office busy with your projects

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EVA gives you a better understanding of your production in just a few hours.

Case study: commissioning pasteurization at the Meierskappel dairy

Some dairy products, such as yoghurts, are pasteurized, i.e. heated to high temperatures to eliminate germs and other bacteria naturally present in milk.

The pasteurization process requires great precision particularly during the temperature rise, which must be neither too fast nor too slow. The temperature (often 90°) must be reached without ever being exceeded.

Material inertia, available heating power and pipe length are all factors to consider when automating this process.

Testing during commissioning is extensive, and must extend over several production days to achieve ideal behavior.

Thanks to EVA data, our engineer was able

  • Identify “unwanted behaviors” in the pasteurization process in a simple, visual way, then adjust the PLC program accordingly 
  • Benefit from examples of “good production” by analyzing past production data
  • Avoid travel by consulting cloud-hosted data from the comfort of your own office




Some curves for a better understanding

Here’s a good example of an unwanted deviation identified and corrected thanks to EVA on this project.

On the pasteurization temperature curve below, we can clearly see that the actual temperature does not correspond to the setpoint programmed into the icube PLC:

After analysis, the engineer found that the tank’s thermal inertia was much higher than expected.


He therefore adjusted his PLC program so that a greater flow of iced water was delivered, allowing the temperature to drop more rapidly.

The result was immediate, with the temperature curve now following the set point given by the PLC:

Do you have a similar need?

We digitize and automate numerous production processes in the agri-food sector.

EVA: The complete equipment monitoring application:

With EVA, monitor and analyze your production

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