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Customer benefits of the Icube solution:

Improving incineration efficiency and productivity

Reduce repetitive and manual tasks

Reduced solution maintenance and enhancement costs

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Ecorecycling, Environment

Icube has installed a control system for the automatic and manual piloting of our installation.

Thanks to their remote connection infrastructure, many trips were avoided, troubleshooting times were shortened and the modifications required were faster and less costly. We recommend Icube for its know-how, availability and flexibility.

Luc Germanier, Ecorecyclage SA

Ecorecyclage’s business

Lavigny-based Ecorecyclage SA is primarily active in the processing of food and vegetable waste, and produces biogas that is injected directly into the Holdigaz Group’s natural gas distribution network.

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Ecorecyclage’s needs

The waste brought to ecorecyclage is mostly organic waste from a wide variety of sources. They are shredded and then stored in piles, and must then mature for several days before being incinerated.

Waste incineration is a complex process, as Ecorecyclage must constantly adjust the proportions of waste of very different natures to ensure the highest possible combustion efficiency.

PTo bring the waste to the incinerator, Ecorecyclage used a backhoe to fill the incinerator’s hopper, which required a lot of manpower and trips to and from the site.

Ecorecyclage’s main need was to be able to optimize these logistics, and to have an autonomous system that could draw on different materials to build up a pile of waste ready for burning.

The choice of an automated grapple was made in response to this problem.
Stephan SA designed the grapple and its crane, while Icube SA developed the automation process.

ICUBE’s solution

To meet this challenge, Icube automated the grapple by equipping it with several functions:

  • The grapple uses lasers to detect the presence of materials ready to be mixed with others to form a heap ready for incineration.
  • It picks the right amount of material from each pile
  • It deposits the collected material on the heap to be incinerated.
  • He optimizes his movements according to the different jobs he has to carry out.
  • Manages stock in FIFO (First In, First Out) mode

What’s more, the grapple has been connected to a remote maintenance system that enables both program modifications to be made to the PLC controlling the grapple, and assistance to be provided to Ecorecyclage if required.

The current installation is also ready for our solution EVA to be able to collect production data and perhaps tomorrow optimize combustion efficiency thanks to machine learning.

Ecorecyclage can now rest assured that the movement of raw materials is optimized within its plant and that the productivity of its grapple is at its maximum, all in complete safety.

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