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of compressed air production is lost through leaks,resulting in thousands of francs in losses for medium-sized companies.
source : suisseenergie.ch

15’000 CHF

of electricity costs can be saved annually by optimizing a medium-sized plant.
source : suisseenergie.ch

Your customized solution for more cost-effective and environmentally friendly production:

Fast, Agile Diagnostics

Our support is broken down into 5 key stages to ensure continuity of your production.
Thanks to our agile approach, you can expect tangible results in less than 3 weeks!

production energy diagnosticssolutions, while maintaining productionconcrete results in terms of energy and financial savingsaccess instant data and leverage ongoing reportsquick and hassle-free installation of sensors



quick and hassle-free installation of sensors

By connecting directly to your PLCs or quickly installing simple sensors, we collect precise data on your production line. This measurement phase gives us a clear picture of your current energy consumption, and enables us to identify areas with high potential for improvement, such as power cuts or air leaks.


production energy diagnostics

Based on the data collected, your industry knowledge and our team of experts reinforce each other to carry out an in-depth energy diagnosis of your production process. We analyze the results of the measurement phase in detail, identifying sources of energy waste, inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization. This step enables us to define the priority actions to be taken to maximize energy savings and improve your overall performance.


solutions, while maintaining production

Once the analyses have been carried out, we support you in implementing concrete solutions tailored to your business. From simple, minimal modifications to advanced technologies, our objective remains the same: to improve your efficiency in a sustainable way, while preserving the continuity of your production.


concrete results in terms of energy and financial savings

Concrete results are at the heart of our support. Thanks to improvement actions, you'll see significant energy and financial savings. Our solutions enable you to reduce your energy costs while increasing your profitability. By taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency, you're contributing to a more sustainable future.


access instant data and leverage ongoing reports

Beyond immediate data, our analyses continue over time to carefully monitor energy performance, identifying new opportunities for improvement. Long-term recording provides seasonal insight, checks for equipment drift, monitors consumption patterns, compares different installations, and ensures constant optimization of energy efficiency over time.

« ICUBE helped us better understand our power consumption, revealing some surprising results! The measurement campaign highlighted areas where we could quickly reduce our costs, including looking at machine consumption and air leaks. Our production teams were sensitized and our assumptions challenged. »

Tristan Trevissick
production manager Dr. Gab’s
« I contacted ICUBE to analyze my energy consumption sector by sector, in order to optimize self-consumption. They took care of everything from A to Z, providing the relevant information live in EVA. This precise vision and ICUBE’s advice revealed significant and unsuspected wastage, which could be remedied by obvious improvements. I’d like to thank ICUBE for their attentiveness and expertise, which made this possible! »

Etienne Aebischer

Director, La fromagerie Gourmande

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Dr. Gab's

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