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Customer benefits of the Icube solution:

Improved traceability

Manufacturing controls 2x faster and more precise

Optimizing work organization

The business of the Mouret dairy

La laiterie du Mouret is renowned for its cheese products, notably its Gruyère AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois, as well as specialties such as Cousimbert and Poivrin.

The dairy is located in the canton of Fribourg in the Sarine district.

For several years the dairy has been part of a sustainable development approach, focusing on the circular economy and green energy.

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Icube is carrying out digitization and automation projects at around a hundred Swiss and French dairies.

The Dairy’s needs

As the dairy’s production tracking was mainly based on Excel files, management wanted to equip itself with business production tracking software enabling it to:

  • De fluidifier son organisation de production avec un meilleur suivi des tâches de production
  • Facilitate, secure and accelerate the entry of production values in manufacturing data sheets
  • Ensure perfect traceability of its products
  • Plan maintenance, upkeep and cleaning as effectively as possible
  • Manage employee schedules

As the dairy was already fully automated by Icube, Fabricube and EVA products were chosen to ensure easy, relevant integration with the machines.

The solution implemented by Icube

The Fabricube solution edited by Icube has been implemented at the dairy in combination with the EVA solution, which enables data acquisition from the PLC.

First of all, the recipes were digitized, so that all the quality controls required to manufacture the products could be tracked as closely as possible, and the tasks divided up between the cheese makers to ensure the best possible quality follow-up.

These recipes were then integrated into a digitized schedule which, among other things, automates the creation of production sheets and divides production stages into tasks.

The production values were then fed back from the dairy’s PLC to the manufacturing sheets to automate data entry and ensure substantial time savings and limit the risk of error.

The dairy has thus saved time and improved data quality, and has been able to streamline organization thanks to tasks that are better assigned and known to all.

Each grinding wheel is tracked and can be easily found to ensure traceability, and each piece of equipment has its own maintenance log.

Finally, a report makes it easy to calculate the quantities produced and thus facilitate the completion of the TSM report.



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Fabricube: The complete agri-food process digitization application

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