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After sales service and production maintenance

Thanks to our after-sales service packages, you can now combine your expectations for our products with your installations and needs. We offer you different formulas to ensure that your installations remain in good condition at all times in order to guarantee production of the highest quality.

Our maintenance packages:

Without subscription

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Without a subscription, you benefit from Icube services by paying for your consumption according to the basic pricing conditions

  • Full hourly rate for interventions
  • Full hourly rate for trips
  • Mileage package if <15km
  • Application fee for remote support cases

IcubeAssist package

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This pack offers a remote maintenance support infrastructure.

When you call us following a malfunction, your request is instantly processed and a technician immediately connects to your installation in order to diagnose the problem and/or to guide you to solve the problems.

Your Benefits

  • Diagnostiques, conseil et résolution de pannes à distance
  • Remote diagnostics, advice and troubleshooting
  • Program and HMI updates at your request
  • Advanced remote settings at your request
  • Saving on travel expenses
  • Optimal reactivity
  • Secure connection (authentication and encryption)
  • Infrastructure Security Upgrade

Premium package

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This pack offers full after-sales service support.

From preventive maintenance to a subscription for advantageous after-sales service conditions, via an optimal remote maintenance infrastructure.

Your benefits

  • Includes the IcubeAssist package described above
  • Neutralization maintenance
  • Includes a maintenance contract (annual visit) including :
  • Verification of control boxes
  • Inspection of pneumatic installations
  • Replacement of “small” defective equipment (free of charge)
  • Organisation of the work and/or replacement of “worn-out” elements
  • Preferential discount on equipment
  • Preferential hourly rate (after-sales service, breakdown service, project management)
  • No mileage package if < 20km
  • Regular personalized advice and follow-up to offer you continuous improvements.
  • Subscription adapted to your needs

Our discount and sponsorship offer:

To thank you for your trust, we offer you 10% discount for the 1st year.

Sponsorship: if you recommend this product to a colleague and he commits himself, we offer you a one year subscription.

Neutralization maintenance pack

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The control of the instrumentation of the cheese neutralisation station must be carried out by an instructed person.

Icube carries out this control during a maintenance operation, which can also be included in our premium service.

Controls are carried out on the following elements:

  • PH probe
  • Recorder
  • Transmitter
  • General condition

Icube audit

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You are not yet an Icube customer and would like to carry out a diagnostic of your installation, or you are an Icube customer and would like to carry out specific maintenance? This audit service will enable you to assess the potential work to be carried out and carry out an initial check.


  • Checking the control boxes
  • Inspection of pneumatic installations
  • Checking for obsolescence and availability of control equipment
  • Audit report and proposals for corrective action
  • Advices for improvments:
    • Technological evolution / Digitalization (automation and software)
    • Adapt the operation of the installation to your current needs
    • Keeping in touch with what’s new on the market
    • Optimize your processes
    • Keeping up to date with standards
    • To have optimal security