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Participative management for a sustainable company… such is the agile and involving governance set up at ICUBE by its 2 co-directors, Frédéric and Bastien Despont.

An environment, a story

Based in the heart of the Gruyère region, in the canton of Fribourg, we have built our reputation over more than thirty years by working closely with local industries and craftsmen. Numerous partnerships have been forged with the agri-food, pharmaceutical, industrial and environmental sectors.

Our aim is also to create synergies between these different sectors so that we can eventually succeed in creating circular economic models. Among other things, our applications help to optimise resource and energy consumption. The digitisation of processes strengthens our customers’ communication and paperless strategy, and we are trying, in our own small way, to participate in the transition to a more sustainable economy.



ICUBE SA founded by Pierre Despont, Bulle



Frédéric Despont joins ICUBE


New strategy: developing our own information systems and combining automation and IT


Bastien Despont joins ICUBE


Launch of our milk payroll software, MILKPAY

Création du secteur digitalisation


Bastien and Frédéric are the new co-directors

Modelling ICUBE’s agile organisation



Launch of EVA, our production monitoring software


ICUBE celebrates its 30th anniversary



Launch of FABRICUBE, our production monitoring application


New visual identity



Move to new premises at La Route de La Pâla 137b, 1630 Bulle

Our participative management

Working together towards participative governance

Participative management for a sustainable company… such is the agile and involving governance set up at ICUBE by its 2 co-directors, Frédéric and Bastien Despont.

“Team spirit is paramount at ICUBE, and it was only natural that we decided to develop our company in such a way as to be in perfect harmony with our human values. To achieve this, we have implemented an organisation based on the involvement of our collaborators⸱rices, as well as a more participative and dynamic management mode and decision-making system.

By involving our teams more closely in decision-making processes, we aim to highlight their expertise and the trust placed in them, while taking account of their individual appetites and aspirations. Our quarterly meetings organised with all⸱rices employees help to strengthen links, optimise exchanges and share skills, while meeting our set collective objectives.

To be sustainable, we need to be able to question ourselves, to do and undo things by overcoming our beliefs. The aim is to maintain a continuous improvement approach, without “taking away all the frameworks”, but always empowering people with respect. We still have an inspiring way to go to achieve the ideal. Our transformation process is proving to be powerful and encouraging.”


Frédéric and Bastien Despont

Our mission

Leveraging know-how with our customised industries 4.0 solutions

Providing tailor-made digitisation solutions for industrial and craft companies, including management of the overall performance of their production facilities », is our mission.

This can take many forms: integration of a programmable logic controller (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, etc.), digitisation of your production, training, programming of a robot manipulator, etc. These are just some of the skills and services we are developing to help our customers achieve more efficient, safer and smarter production.

Our ambition is to be a major player in Switzerland’s Industry 4.0, from sensor installation to KPI reporting, via automation, production data enhancement and high-performance business software.

Our values

Living and cultivating our values together


Ingenuity and listening to needs
Demonstrate ingenuity by listening carefully to needs, turning the unexpected into an opportunity. Constantly challenging to simplify and act with agility, creating pragmatic and innovative solutions.


Responsibility towards the ecosystem
Focusing on a sustainable future by working to preserve our ecosystem and thus giving a profound meaning to our work. Putting people and the environment at the heart of our concerns, in line with the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.


Wise choices and intellectual rigour
Cultivating discernment to choose the right attitude, the right word, the right moment and the right solution. Sharpening intuition and intellectual rigour as precision tools, guiding our actions towards optimal results.

Team spirit

Collaboration, solidarity and trust
Mutual support, diversity and shared responsibility are the pillars of our team spirit, where the customer is our privileged partner. As workers, we believe in collective strength, honouring each colleague as an essential element in the recipe for success. Together, we go further.


Transparency and co-construction
Getting as close as possible to our conscience, interacting with total transparency to build together, with all our stakeholders. Sincere communication with customers and partners, and frank discussion between colleagues define our commitment to defending our convictions and acting with integrity.

Our team

Who we are ? What do we do?