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Dairy digitalization

Discover our apps and our automation system that will help you optimize your productivity and improve the maintenance of your installations.


Develop your craftsmanship by taking advantage of automation

By automating tasks such as receiving milk, paying for milk, weighing and pouring milk, you focus on what’s really important: giving your cheeses the characteristics that make them unique to your dairy. That’s where your expertise is most valuable.

Optimize your installations

By using your machines (presses, centrifuges, CIP…) in an optimal way, and by regularly checking your installation, you improve the production efficiency and reduce the maintenance costs of your dairy.

Thanks to our telemaintenance solutions, specialists can, at your request, connect to your dairy in order to give you advice, adjust settings, or diagnose possible malfunctions without having to move and faster.

Our after-sales service intervenes quickly 7 days a week.

Guarantee the safety of your employees

The human being is at the heart of your activities.
As an employer or dairy owner, you are responsible for providing your employees with safe equipment. Safety is also synonymous with productivity, because an accident at work often represents a loss of time and significant costs.
In many cases, the installation of suitable equipment greatly increases safety.
ICUBE has the necessary certifications and experience to accompany you towards a safer cheese dairy.

Ensure the hygiene of your installations and reduce the consumption of chemical products.

Thanks to our expertise in cleaning in place (CIP) systems, your cheese dairy complies with the highest standards of hygiene. Automated regulation allows you to use only the quantities of products strictly necessary for cleaning.

Make it easier to receive and pay for milk

A connected scale and sensors adapted to any type of collection (Boille, boule or truck) measure the volumes delivered and automatically assign them to the farmers. Sampling for quality analysis is automated and your data exchanges with laboratories are facilitated.

Add the MilkPay application that manages milk purchases, payment calculation and your producers are paid fairly, regardless of the parameters and your method of costing. This saves valuable time and improves transparency.

Improve the quality of your production

Ensure the regularity of your production by collecting and analyzing its data, then comparing it to your usual trends or alarms. This makes it easier for you to determine what actions you need to take to improve your finished product.

Simplify traceability

Digitize and automate the capture of your manufacturing forms through our solution Fabricube. This will save you precious time and avoid data entry errors. By automatically combining this data with the quality data provided by EVA, you improve the quality of your products.

Data traceability is guaranteed without having to store paper. Find your measurements in one click and easily browse your production history.

Our softwares for dairies

With MILKPAY you simplify your administrative tasks

With EVA, monitor and analyse your cheese production

Digitize your manufacturing records and much more


Thanks to the new installation, my team saves time and our work is easier! It’s great to be able to supervise his dairy from my screens in several places. For the counts, I was one of the first users of MilkPay. Since then, it has evolved a lot. It works very well.

Adrien Pagnier
Cheesemaker of Duo Vallon, Les Bayards.

I was dreading the computerization of the new installation, I who don’t even have a GSM. The control screens are very clear, we understand very quickly and it’s easier than before. The manufacturing process has not changed, but our work is much more pleasant!

Joseph Brodard
Cheesemaker, Fromagerie de La Roche

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