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dECA probe

Total control from renneting to draining
The milk curdling phase is probably the one that best reflects your know-how and the quality of your cheeses. The regularity of your production depends on very precise time and temperature measurements but also on your trained eye.

With the installation of dECA probe in your cheese dairy, Icube assists you in the precise determination of the coagulation point to be reached so that your cheese is ready to be scraped. This product can be integrated into the Icube control system, or used in mobility.

dECA probe features

– Controls curd setting and firming

– Calculates and reports the cutting time

– Measures the temperature

– Functions as an alarm thermometer

– Can be used in series

Its benefits:

– Improves production consistency and yield

– Allows real time temperature control during curdling

– Portable, rugged and ergonomic device

Operating diagram:

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