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Smart Pharma

Your pharmaceutical production monitoring is digitized and highly efficient thanks to our customised GMP software solution

Ensure compliance of your production monitoring process

For drug production monitoring, maintenance management or electronic batch record in life science (EBR), the SmartPharma solution supports your data governance strategy and helps you maintain compliance with regulatory authorities (FDA, EMA, …).

We accompany you throughout your digital transformation to make it truly valuable.

Guarantee the traceability of your production

Be assured that the integrity of data is respected throughout its life cycle. All your operations carried out in SmartPharma are tracked and audited (audit trail). The ALCOA+ principles are respected: data are attributable, readable, contemporary, original, accurate, complete, consistent, available and enduring.

Build up the central database of your pharmaceutical production

Stop juggling with a mix of paper documents and invalidated excel files. Your SmartPharma database is the unique and reliable source of your pharmaceutical information system (production data, supplier data, …).

Enhance the value of your data thanks to the reporting and APR functionalities.

Make informed and timely decisions based on reliable reports. SmartPharma allows you to generate real-time dashboards and annual reports for your products (APR) and production lines.

Product savings, energy savings and overall production performance are all indicators that you can improve.

Connect your equipment and save time

Drastically reduce data entry errors through direct data acquisition between the machines and the software. Our skills in automation and IoT make us the ideal partner to connect your equipment (production devices, measuring tools, …) to the SmartPharma solution, via our EVA application.

Thanks to real-time analysis, you will gain in reactivity and precision while avoiding a part of human errors.

Opt for a software tailor made for your business

Your business processes are at the heart of our SmartPharma solution. The user interface is guided by your data. The software framework used (Cristal) allows the solution to evolve in a secure and sustainable way while maintaining alignment with your processes.

Our solution contains a Quality Management System (QMS) developed for Pharma and is implemented with an Agile team based in Switzerland for a value delivered every month (sprints).

Reduce your software validation costs

Save weeks of work by eliminating manual validation with the automated acceptance tests included in the SmartPharma solution. Developed according to pharmaceutical best practices (GxP, GMP, GAMP 5 cat. 4 and 5), the SmartPharma solution deployment follows an Agile Scrum approach and accelerates the V-process development cycle to drastically reduce your costs.

Our applications and services for life science:

Highly connected automation dedicated to Pharma processes

EVA, the IoT pack for Smart Pharma

The low code approach applied to pharmaceutical production monitoring


Adacap, Pharma

By successfully combining the rigor of its Pharmaceutical Quality Management System (QMS) with the flexibility provided by agile methods (SCRUM), ICUBE has succeeded in simplifying the pharmaceutical software validation process (V-Model) with an automated software testing strategy (both framework unit tests and customer acceptance tests). Involving the customer as an actual player in the development process (as a Product Owner) was the optimal way to correlate business needs with the software development cycle.

Enrico Licini
Adacap, Smart Pharma

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