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Link production data to your Information System

The last step of your journey will allow you to make the collected data available to your other applications such as your ERP or CRM and thus ensure the link between production and accounting, stocks, sales, human resources… It is also possible to use this data to external systems, for example to traceability systems or to partners. Scenarios allowing you to update your raw material stocks or to adjust your staff schedules according to your production become possible! These cross-functional scenarios are very diverse and we adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers in order to best meet the specificities of their business.
We work with agile methods, coupled with quality management (QMS) that allow us to imagine creative, adaptive, but always controlled solutions that comply with the most demanding regulations.

Artificial intelligence

Based on the production data collected, it is possible to deduce trends and behaviours. A particular combination of data can, for example, make the program guess that the batch being manufactured may be defective or of a different quality depending on the time of year. We study your problems and offer tailor-made solutions to companies that want to make their production more predictable.

Predictive Maintenance

The concept of artificial intelligence (empirical approaches) as well as, more rarely, traditional algorithms (theoretical approach) contains, in particular, the notion of predictive maintenance, which consists in predicting breakdowns before they occur, thus ensuring the availability of equipment and reducing breakdown costs. Depending on the data collected for a certain type of machine, its use, the number of cycles performed, etc., programs can deduce that a part will soon have to be changed. This makes it possible to anticipate the order of the part to be replaced or to reduce its use and thus avoid a breakdown. Is your maintenance only reactive? Still preventive? or soon predictive? Our journey together continues…