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Collect production data for analysis, monitoring and follow-up of production

The second step on your road will lead you to a more controlled and transparent production. It starts with good data acquisition. Our expertise in this area guarantees the relevance and integrity of the extracted data. It then becomes possible to analyse the production parameters and the behaviour of a machine over time, then to identify potential malfunctions or improvements and finally to draw up hypotheses on the best method of manufacturing. This visibility offers a real management and decision-making tool for production managers. Your attention is no longer focused on the operation of the machines but on the production process itself.

Dashboard / decision support

Raw data are only of interest if they are properly aggregated, selected, and formatted. ICUBE integrates reliable and flexible reporting solutions that are perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of different business areas. The user can analyze all his production data in the same application, on several time scales and according to the characteristics that correspond to him. Alerts can also be configured to warn users of non-compliant values (temperature, conductivity, time etc).

Maintenance and remote monitoring

Since our solutions are completely hosted in the cloud (or on your networks, at your choice), it is possible for the production manager to monitor and analyze his production on any device, and remotely, in a confidential and secure manner.
In the event of a failure, our after-sales teams can also remotely connect to the installation, diagnose and correct certain problems.